Scientific Publications & Abstracts

A Novel Egg Product that Shows Anti-Inflammatory Effect in the Rat Adjuvant Arthritis Model.
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Oral Effect of a Hyperimmune Egg (HIE) Product on Rat Established Adjuvant Arthritis.
S V Iyer, R Xing, L Nguyen, S Ross, B Rockafellow, B Kintigh, M DeCinque, J Hallman, and R P Carlson. Presented at the World Congress 2001, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

An Antibody Answer for an Antibiotic Question? Wisconsin Researcher's Work Leading to New Livestock Feeding Alternative.
Rayl, A.J.S.; The Scientist 15[6]:8; Mar. 19, 2001.

Inhibition of Diarrhea by Immune Egg: A Castor Oil Mouse Model.
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Hyperimmune Eggs Capture Natural Immune Support.
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Pilot Study on the Effect of Hyperimmune Egg Protein on Elevated Cholesterol Levels and Cardiovascular Risk Factors.
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Administration to Arthritis Patients of a Dietary Supplement Containing Immune Egg: An Open-Label Pilot Study.
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