Mission Statement

Providing Tomorrow's Innovative Solution's Today®

Our mission is to discover, develop and successfully market innovative products in the animal and human food industry, that enhances the quality of life. We also want to build a reputation for being creative and employing cutting edge technologies for developing bioactive products.

Our Aspirations

Our vision for the company is to become "a global leader in the discovery, development, and marketing of environmentally friendly, natural or nature identical bioactive compounds". Our wish is to continue to strengthen our position in the markets we currently serve and employ our biotechnology and biologics approach to capitalize on new opportunities in the Dietary Supplement, Pharmaceutical, Animal Health and Agriculture markets. Key elements of our strategy include:

Arkion® has technologies and products that provide new and unique, lower-cost and lower-capital investment processes to make proprietary products. These products do not have the toxicity, side effects and negative public perception that are characteristics of many existing products in the same market.

Antibiotics and synthetic drugs are coming under increasing scientific and public scrutiny in both animal and human applications. Because of public concerns about pathogens developing resistance to antibiotics and side effects encountered with the use of many synthetic drugs, pressure to reduce the use of these compounds has been significant. Arkion® has viable natural alternative solutions to some of these situations.

The need for vitamins and many other fine chemicals is growing at high rates and require new high capacity investments using complex synthetic chemical processes. Arkion® has biotechnology alternatives that will result in significantly lower capital and operating costs.

Arkion® has developed bioactive, humane solutions to insect and bird control problems. As the bird population increases, birds are becoming a serious health and economic problem. There are currently no other effective and humane alternative control methods available.

In the dietary supplement area, we will continue to develop products for Legacy for Life and sell through a subsidiary (Arkion® International LLC) to Africa when that major market develops. Arkion® will continue to develop a strong proprietary position including composition of matter patents on unique immune factors.

We intend to increase our investment in research and development to enhance our existing technology platforms, staying focused in the development of our existing pipeline. We believe this increase, combined with our proven ability to commercialize products, will accelerate our product development efforts and allow us to successfully capture the growth opportunities in our target markets.

In this area we will continue to develop new products for seed protection as well as foliar applications. In addition, we will develop companion products for effective control of other bird species.