Human Nutrition

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Arkion® Life Sciences has developed a strong, patent-protected technology, which takes advantage of the fact that a chicken produces the highest level of immune products found anywhere in nature in an egg. Normally the hen produces an egg that will transfer immunity to a chick in the form of antibodies and immunoregulatory factors. The antibodies produced by the hen are the result of her exposure to various antigens. Although, the total amount of antibody in the egg is relatively constant, it is possible to change the profile.

The profile of the immune products in the egg, including antibodies and immunoregulatory factors, can be controlled by specifically vaccinating against selected antigens; e.g., bacteria, virus, or other antigens. This very natural process increases the level of selected antibodies and immune-regulatory factors that are already present in the egg.

The i26® egg, is a product derived from hens immunized with a multiple polyvalent vaccine, that includes 26 human enteric pathogens. Multiple exposures to the polyvalent antigens produces an egg with significantly high titer antibodies to the pathogens. The eggs are harvested, spray dried, and can be used directly or blended with other products. The literature is replete with reports that food and products, such as eggs, milk and colostrum, obtained from immunized animals and humans are anti-inflammatory in nature. i26® egg products are sold exclusively through Legacy for Life LLC. Arkion® owns 20% of Legacy For Life and is the exclusive supplier of the egg product.


*i26® is a registered trademark of Legacy for Life LLC.