Corporate Vision

Statement from our CEO

Our vision for the company is to be "a technology-based company, leading in the discovery, development, and marketing of environmentally friendly, natural or nature identical bioactive compounds". Our wish is to continue to strengthen our position in the markets we currently serve and employ our biotechnology and biologics approach to capitalize on new opportunities in the Dietary Supplement, Pharmaceutical, Animal Health and Agriculture markets.

These technologies and their various applications can have short and long-term impact in the "high return on investment" markets that are targeted:

The products under development from the Arkion® Life Sciences technology platforms have the following typical characteristics:

To date, in excess of $55 million has been invested in a group of developmental technologies and businesses originating from three main technological platforms: 1) Biotechnology, 2) Hyper Immune Egg and 3) BioActive Materials. These unique technologies provide a broad range of new product opportunities in a number of worldwide markets. Unique know how, a large, well-maintained patent estate that protects these technologies (over 550 issued and pending patents throughout the world) and a strong, innovative and focused organization, are Arkion®'s most valued assets.