Animal Nutrition

A barn with cows, pigs and chickens


Protimax®, used in animal feeds, is a unique supplement based on one of the wonders of nature— the egg. When a baby animal is weaned from the mother, the protection once afforded the piglet or calf by the mother's milk is lost. Since the immune system of the young animal may not be fully developed, there is a window of vulnerability of that baby pig or calf to intestinal challenges. All of this can lead to a decrease in production performance and health problems. Protimax® helps to improve the nutrient utilization of the diet as demonstrated by increased average daily gain. Controlled studies in animals have confirmed that the oral administration of such antibodies and immunoregulatory factors reduces the mortality in piglets and dramatically improves performance and general health without side effects. Protimax®, sold exclusively by Trouw Nutrition, has been shown to be synergistic with plasma in animal feed and could make plasma products 30-40% more cost effective.


*Protimax® is a Registered trademark of Trouw Nutrition, for spray-dried egg powder used in animal feed. Further details can be obtained at