About Arkion®


Arkion® Life Sciences LLC of New Castle, Delaware, was formed in July 2001 to purchase the Life Sciences Group of DCV, Inc. and advance their development work in biotechnology and life sciences. With the acquisition, Arkion® acquired all of DCV's intellectual property, including over 400 patents and patent applications and retained all key employees. The number of patents and patent applications has since grown to over 550.

DCV, Inc. was formed in 1987 as a group of joint ventures between DuPont and ConAgra, when both companies shared the vision of bringing their technological capabilities together and diversity into the Life Sciences area. In August of 1997, the DCV management group and Windward Capital bought the joint ventures from DuPont and ConAgra.

Today Arkion® is focused on establishing several business initiatives based on its technology platforms. These include:


Bio-Technical Resources (BTR), a division of Arkion® Life Sciences LLC, is a research and development organization based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA. For more than four decades, BTR has offered biotechnology services helping clients transform ideas into reality. Serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, food and feed industries, BTR's customers include global leaders, as well as small companies and startups. BTR's technical expertise, technology transfer skills, and network of customer relationships have led to many successful alliances. BTR tailors its services to each client's specific needs, effectively becoming part of the client's research team. BTR's commitment to this customer service philosophy, combined with technical expertise, make BTR the partner of choice for biotechnology development. For more info, visit www.biotechresources.com

Hyper Immune Egg

Chickens produce in their eggs the highest level of immune products found anywhere in nature. Normally hens transfer immunities to chicks through antibodies and immuno-regulatory factors contained in their eggs. These antibodies are the result of the hens' exposure to antigens. Although, the total amount of antibodies in the egg is relatively constant, it is possible to change the profile by vaccinating against selected antigens; e.g., bacteria, viruses, proteins, etc. This natural process increases the level of target antibodies and immunoregulatory factors already present in the egg. When spray-dried, the egg product (EgCel®) can be used directly or blended with other products to provide passive immunity and immune support when consumed by humans or animals.

The result is a line of human dietary supplements, animal supplements, and pharmaceutical products containing natural immune materials that provide relief without the side effects characteristic of synthetic drugs. Controlled studies in humans and animals have confirmed that the oral administration of such antibodies and immunoregulatory factors dramatically improves performance and general health without side effects.

Significantly, the production steps for EgCel® products are under our tight control. The unique advantages of this patented technology are: (i) oral administration, and (ii) natural derivation. The number of potential applications for this technology is only limited by one's imagination. For more information on the hyperimmune egg, visit www.hyperimmuneegg.org

The first major natural animal health product using this technology was Protimax®*, a supplement for cattle and swine that provides greater nutritional performance, improved health and better production economics.

Human dietary supplements based on the Hyper Immune Egg are sold exclusively through Legacy for Life LLC. Arkion® owns 20% of Legacy For Life and is the exclusive supplier of the egg product. For more info on Legacy For Life, visit www.legacyforlife.com

Bird Repellents

Arkion® is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of bird repellent products for protecting agricultural seeds including corn and rice as well as developing products for seedling and foliar application. It markets Flight Control® Plus, a goose repellent, for protection of turf for commercial and park areas as well as for use by homeowners. Airepel® is a service that treats building and other structural surfaces to keep birds away.

*Protimax is a Registered trademark of Trouw Nutrition, for spray-dried egg powder used in animal feed.